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The Memories Together Project

You don't have to be in the same room to come together as a family

We’re living in very strange times and many older people have had a very difficult year. Families have also really struggled with having to stay away from their loved ones and the emotional toll has been huge.

As a life story writer and creative reminiscence practitioner, I know the enormous benefit that sharing and capturing memories can bring. Family stories connect people together and they are the foundation of every family unit. So, what can we do to support older people and bring families together, even if they can’t be physically close?

I have developed a life story writing project called 'The Memories Together Project’, that all family members, no matter the age, can enjoy with their loved ones. It will be wonderful when we can get together in one room again but I wanted to create a positive project that can be shared, even if that isn’t possible.

To get the Life story project going, there is a framework of activities that are easy to follow and fun to do and I will personally support you throughout the project. I'll meet with you before you start, on Zoom, and give you advice and guidance if you need it. Your loved one doesn’t even need to have internet access. There are three options for the 'The Memories Together Project’, to suit different budgets, and it would make a special and very personal Christmas present.Two of the options include a beautiful personalised memory box, containing memory prompts and surprises. The contents will grow as the project develops and your box will soon be bursting with memories!

Taking time to travel down memory lane is a wonderful way to spend time with an older person. The world has changed so much that it’s important to keep social history alive and to celebrate and capture precious family stories. 'The Memories Together Project’ will provide plenty of ways to get those memories juices flowing…. "

Prices start from £175. If you'd like to find out more then please drop me an email. ( and I’ll send you all the details you need to decide which is the most appropriate option and how to get started.

I'd love to hear from you!


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