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These shorter life story books can take two forms

This Is My Story

This specialist life story book is perfect for people living with the early stages of dementia or about to move into a care home or have carers coming to the house.

  1. An enjoyable questionnaire that the family can help with.

  2. A 90 minute reminiscence/interview session with additional family input. This interview can be done in person or remotely over an online video call.

  3. Your book will include photos and engaging ways to capture the personality of the subject and to encourage reminiscence. 

A Time In My Life

A shorter life story book than the Silver and Gold packages, perhaps concentrating on one area of your life, such as childhood, National Service, Career etc. These books make perfect gifts and a personalised gift voucher can be supplied in advance.

  1. An enjoyable questionnaire.

  2. A two-hour interview session with all your photos scanned during the visit. Alternatively interview sessions can be carried out through an online video call.

  3. Your book will include up to 30 photos and documents.

The cost for either of these two options is £950 (plus travel expenses if significant travel is involved).

Please get in touch for a chat so you can choose the book that's right for you.

The Memory Book printed copy of life story book


“As a live in carer it is quite daunting going into each new care job not knowing much about the client you are going to care for.


Having a book with my client’s life story and fondest memories was priceless and made me feel like I instantly knew her, which made her feel at ease with having me around. Above all she trusted me.”

Demi - Professional Carer

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