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Life Story Books

A Life Story Book is one of the most valuable investments you can make for your family and the process is enjoyable and rewarding.


Precious family stories, photos and documents will be kept safe for generations. Your book will also become an invaluable resource for future care givers and for reminiscence.

Box of old photographs. Family memories

How can I help you?

I think it’s really important to look beyond the photographs and beyond the facts. I’m a specialist in reminiscence and I want the process of creating your life story book to be as enjoyable as the end result.

Your beautiful hard backed book will be tailor made and the narrative will completely reflect your personality. The format of your book will be large enough to make the most of the photos, which will be integrated into the text to bring your story to life.

I guarantee it will take pride of place and become a treasured family heirloom.

Old family photos celebrating life

Is someone you love in the early stages of dementia or being looked after by carers?

I can create a special mini biography that will become an invaluable tool for reminiscence and a fantastic resource for family and carers. Your loved one will really enjoy the process and will be so proud of their book.

What sort of book is right for you?

To create your life story book, it’s much better if I get to know you over a period of time. This will ensure that your book reflects your personality and that you really enjoy the process. 
However, if you have a specific area of your life that you want to cover, I can create a shorter book, based on just a single session and a questionnaire. These mini biographies make fantastic gifts.

The Memory Book life story page layout


To give you a better idea of what book you might like, here are some packages that I offer. As everyone’s life is different, please get in touch so that we can decide the best book for you.


Short Biographies

Ideal for someone in the early stages of dementia or as a reminiscence tool for family and carers.




A shorter biography, focusing on a particular time in your life.


Complete Life Story Book

Created through friendly and relaxed interview sessions, these life story books capture your personality and are bursting with photographs that are integrated into the narrative.


Bespoke Experience

With even more interview sessions and additional contributions, these beautiful books are perfect for couples, families and people with lots of stories to tell!

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