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Create a record of your family's social history that will be treasured for generations.  

This is a more detailed book that is perfect for couples or for people who want additional family contributions. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary. Your book will become a priceless record of your family social history. If you’ve had a really full life, with lots of material to cover, this is also the choice for you!

A Life Story Book is one of the most rewarding investments you can make for your family. The process is really enjoyable and rewarding. Precious family stories, photos and information will be kept safe for all the family and enjoyed for generations to come.

Your book will also become an invaluable resource for future caregivers and for family reminiscence. The benefits of reminiscence are being increasingly recognised. I make sure that the whole process is relaxed, rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable. The book, at the end of it all, is a bonus!

Created through friendly and relaxed interview sessions, these life story books capture your personality and are bursting with photographs that are integrated into the narrative.

The Process

I will send you a pre-interview questionnaire so that you can collect your thoughts and get dates written down.

I will visit you for six two-hour interview sessions with one or more family members. These can also be carried out via online video call.We will also go through photographs that you want to include. Additional or shorter sessions can be arranged.

I will then send you a word proof for you to read and amend, should you wish.

I will scan and digitally improve up to 8photographs/cuttings/letters etc. I can also include contributions from family members.

I will visit you for a final editing session to cover any areas that have been missed.

I will do up to five hours additional research, where necessary, into names or places that you’ve talked about.

I will make the changes to your word proof and then send it back for your final approval.

Once you’re happy with the text, I’ll lay out the book with the photographs and send you a final layout proof for print approval (this is usually a digital copy).

You will then receive your A4 hard backed book to enjoy! You can always order additional hard backed or paper backed copies at the time of printing for family and friends.  

The price for the Gold Life Story package is available upon request. Payment can either be made in three stages or as a monthly amount over the interview and writing period in order to spread the cost.

Your book will be completely bespoke and I can always adapt to your requirements.

Your Gold Life Story Package can include...

  • More interview sessions

  • Additional personal documents or photos

  • Extra copies of the printed book for family and friends

  • Additional text or layout proofs

  • Significant photo damage repair

  • Audio CD or digital MP3 of edited interview excerpts

  • Additional contributions from family and friends

Please contact me for further information or if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!


Have a look at what other people have said about their books.

The Memory Book Gold life story book pages printed


“You captured every detail in the journey of my parents’ life together. It was the most soul searching, heart-warming, emotional, funny and sad book I have ever read."

Julia - London

The Memory Book Testimonial
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