Tips for Preserving Your Family Memories

Do you know about your parents, grandparents and great grandparents?

Does your family know about you?

We all lead such busy lives and it’s easy to put off tackling that box of old photos or writing down those family stories. Do you even print out your photos?

In the past, treasured letters have given us an insight into people’s lives.

When did you last write a letter?

The sad fact is that once we and our loved ones have gone, all those memories will disappear.

Our children’s digital lives are so different. As technology advances and the world changes, understanding social history becomes more and more important.

Preserving precious life stories brings families together and connects generations, now and in the future.

Creating a Life Story Book is also hugely enjoyable and a chance to celebrate achievements, relationships and get all those family photos in one place and available for everyone to see!

Do you like the idea of capturing your family stories but don’t know where to start?

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