Interview with the Dorking and District Talking Newspaper

I was recently interviewed for the Dorking and District Talking Newspaper. This fantastic volunteer organisation produces a weekly local news and information service in audio format for blind and partially sighted people in Dorking and the surrounding villages, Here is a recording … Continue reading

Brotherly Love

Were you at school with a sibling?  Did they ignore you or look out for you?  Here’s another short story about Ruth and her family.  This time it’s about Ruth’s sons Ben and Daniel.  I hope you enjoy it.   … Continue reading

Ever had one of those holidays?

I hope you’re having a lovely summer!  Have you been on holiday?  Are you going on one?   Here’s another little story about Ruth and a holiday that she spent.  I hope you enjoy reading it. There are plenty of … Continue reading

Anyone for a Camping Trip? Another Family Story from Ruth.

Have you been camping?  Did you enjoy it?   Here’s another one of Ruth’s ‘adventures’.   Is it fiction or autobiographical…?!      The Camping Trip By Sarah Lott   The last time they attempted camping, their expedition was dramatically … Continue reading

Summer Loving

Here is another one of Ruth’s adventures… Or rather misadventures.  I promise you it is fiction, although perhaps there is a sprinkling of autobiographical truth…! Hope you are enjoying some sunshine!   Ruth was alone. She was relaxing in a … Continue reading

Fairy Cakes and Street Parties

Fairy Cakes and Street Parties   “Apparently it’s all down to the size and curvature of the top of the cake.  Cupcakes have a flat top and fairy cakes are smaller with a domed top.  I believe that the American … Continue reading