Brotherly Love

Were you at school with a sibling?  Did they ignore you or look out for you?  Here’s another short story about Ruth and her family.  This time it’s about Ruth’s sons Ben and Daniel.  I hope you enjoy it.   … Continue reading

Ever had one of those holidays?

I hope you’re having a lovely summer!  Have you been on holiday?  Are you going on one?   Here’s another little story about Ruth and a holiday that she spent.  I hope you enjoy reading it. There are plenty of … Continue reading

Anyone for a Camping Trip? Another Family Story from Ruth.

Have you been camping?  Did you enjoy it?   Here’s another one of Ruth’s ‘adventures’.   Is it fiction or autobiographical…?!      The Camping Trip By Sarah Lott   The last time they attempted camping, their expedition was dramatically … Continue reading

A Diamond Jubilee Story

A Diamond Aunt     Aunty Beryl was Ruth’s eccentric aunt who had, in her own words, “Been around the block a few times.”  She’d lived in the same post war house since her wedding day and it was certainly … Continue reading

Fairy Cakes and Street Parties

Fairy Cakes and Street Parties   “Apparently it’s all down to the size and curvature of the top of the cake.  Cupcakes have a flat top and fairy cakes are smaller with a domed top.  I believe that the American … Continue reading

The Perils of Spring Cleaning

Be thankful that it’s raining because look what happened to Ruth when the sun shined! The Perils of Spring Cleaning   Ruth gazed at the sunshine, streaming through the living room window and hitting the vase on the coffee table.  … Continue reading

Short Story – Following Instructions

How good are you at following instructions?  Do you meticulously read the small print or do you dive in with exuberance and unquestioned confidence?   Do you remember a time when you regretted not reading instructions?  Did you get into trouble?   … Continue reading