How will your Life Story Book be created?

How we create a Life Story Book

I want your book to be admired by everyone and treasured for generations. I’ve outlined the process below. It’s worth a read, as it will explain how your money is being spent and how your book is put together. 


  1. Before We Start

My service is completely tailor made so before we start I’ll have a detailed chat with you to establish the style and focus of the book, the reasons for doing it and what you want to get out of the process.

Before the first interview session, I’ll send through a simple questionnaire/memory prompt to help focus thoughts and to give you a chance to find any dates or factual information that you might want to include.


  1. Interview Stage

A Life Story Book is usually created through relaxed meetings in your home and I’m always happy to schedule the interview process to suit your diary and to work at your pace. The number of interviews depends on the package you have chosen and the level of detail you want in your book.

The interviews are very easy and take the form of a guided conversation. My clients usually don’t feel they are being interviewed at all, just simply chatting to a friend!

As a reminiscence specialist, it’s very important to me that the process is as rewarding as the final book. My clients certainly tell us that this stage is very enjoyable!


  1. Photographs

I can bring a portable scanner to the interview sessions to scan photos in your home. However, it is better, and saves your time, if I’m able to have original photos and scan them on a larger and higher resolution scanner that I keep in my office. They will be returned as soon as this is done.

Documents, certificates, drawings, press cuttings etc. can also be scanned and included. I also often spot things around the house that might be good to include and bring my camera with me to photograph precious ornaments, objects etc that might be relevant to your story.

I understand the value of photos and family documents and by including them in your book, they are preserved and made available to all the family. Confidentiality, sensitivity and privacy is assured at all times.


  1. Writing Stage

I transcribe your interview verbatim in order to have a complete record of every word that was said. This enables me to capture the nuances of speech and write a narrative style that reflects your way of speaking.

The writing stage is key. I want your personality to burst out of every page and for every book to be a real page turner…

I can also include previously written material, family contributions, poetry etc. I want to make your book unique!


  1. Proof Stage

You will be sent a word proof to read and make changes where necessary. This is the stage to tweak the narrative and add those missing details. It’s also important at this point to be aware of  your potential readers as some memories can be sensitive and family relationships need to be carefully considered.

Once the word proof is approved, there will hopefully be no more changes to the narrative. This is when our designer and skilled photographic expert take over!

Your book will be beautifully laid out and your photos will be edited/repaired where necessary and then optimized for print. They’ll be incorporated within the final narrative text to give a flow and visual interest throughout your book.


  1. Print Stage

Your book will be sent for printing! You will then receive your own copy of your beautiful hard backed coffee table sized book, with a bookmark ribbon and in a smart presentation case. Depending on your package you will receive additional copies for family and friends. When you’ve seen your final proof, you may well want to order more copies. This is easy to do and we will negotiate the best possible price with the printer. The more you have, the lower the cost!


  1. Enjoyment stage!

Now you have your book, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren will know your story and they will thank you for creating your book and giving them an insight into their family. Family Trees are great but it’s the stories that bring family history to life.

On a more serious note, if you ever need to rely on carers or develop dementia, your family will be able to share your book with you and care professionals will know your story and who you are. It will make a real difference.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of our books or the way I work, then please contact me for more details.

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