Fancy a Bit of Time Travel?

Clocks mark the time that passes quickly

Time Travel Sessions


Travel back in time with the Memory Book Company…

Do you want to revisit childhood, career, family or travels? Do you want to know more about someone you love and learn the stories behind precious family photo albums?


Why Choose a Time Travel Session?

This introductory package is a great thing to do if you’re unsure about starting a Life Story Book or if there’s a particular time period you want to focus on. During a relaxed two-hour interview session, you will be ‘transported’ back to any part of your life! It could be your childhood, your school days, wartime evacuation, career, family life, or your travels…


How Your Time Travel Experience Works…

◆ You decide what area of your life you want to focus on.

◆ I send you a short and easy questionnaire to fill in and you return it to me before our session. This way, I’ll learn a little about you and we can make the most of my visit.

◆ You choose up to ten photos that you’d like to include, along with an up to date photo of yourself (If you don’t have one, don’t worry, I’ll bring my camera when I visit).

◆ I come to your home for a relaxing two hour interview session (It will feel more like a friendly chat than an interview).

◆ I bring my portable scanner and scan your ten photos while I’m with you.

◆ About two weeks after my visit you receive a written transcript of our interview session, an audio cd of our chat, a summary of some of the information from your questionnaire and a montage of your lovely photos. This all arrives in a smart presentation folder, which you’ll want to show off to all your family and friends!


If you really enjoyed your bit of time travel and want to move on to a full Life Story Book, I will edit the material from this session into the final narrative, with even more photos. Also, depending on what Life Story Package you choose, there’ll be a deduction from the cost of the final book. If you choose the Gold or Platinum Package the whole cost of the Time Travel Session will be deducted.

The cost for this Time Travel Session is £500. Please get in touch for a chat and you can begin your time travelling journey!

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