Jim and Marion’s Diamond Wedding Celebration Book

We had a wonderful time creating this surprise celebration book for Jim and Marion’s Wedding Anniversary. Jim and his daughter, Amanda who commissioned the book, sent us these lovely testimonials…

“The look on my parents’ faces as they opened their 60th Anniversary Memory Book was priceless. It was truly the crowning moment of the day’s celebration. My sister and I have our own copies and we just love looking back on all the memories that the book triggers. And my parents have shown it to just about everyone they know.

Sarah made the whole process of creating the book so easy – even fun – and we’re very grateful for all her team’s hard work.”

Amanda, Surrey

“As the author of a number of books I well know the problems of incorporating photos in a book to their best advantage. We were therefore absolutely delighted with our diamond wedding commemoration book. The layout was superb, with the family photos enhanced and beautifully incorporated into chapters. The chapter headings were inspired and the end result was an emotional experience for my wife and myself. It is very much appreciated and admired and we never miss an opportunity to show the book off to our friends. We are very grateful for your expertise and  the effort you put into its production. Thank you so much.”

Jim, Surrey