The Twelve Memories Of Christmas

Celebrate a family Christmas

Waiting for Father Christmas!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the shopping, planning and expense of Christmas. I thought it might be fun to take a moment to remind myself of what made my Christmas’s special. It’s usually not the big presents and extravagances but the little moments and funny stories that make happy memories. This year, I’m collecting as many ‘Twelve Memories of Christmas’ as I can and I’d love you to share yours. It will only take a few minutes and, as soon as you start, the memories will start to flow. I guarantee you’ll remember things that you haven’t thought about for years and other people will love to read them.

As a Christmas present, I’ll pick out a list at random and send a special Christmas voucher towards a tailor made Life Story Book in 2014.  Please pass this link on to all your friends and family and take a moment to remember what’s special about your Christmas.

Happy Christmas everyone!  xx

Mine are:

1. The momentary disappointment when I realised that the last present in the toe of my Christmas stocking was a satsuma!

2. We have a large fragile wooden sleigh which comes out every year. We also have a Father Christmas outfit. When I was a child, one of my older brothers was always Father Christmas and would come in and read a poem written by my mother, before distributing presents to everyone.  I was always the fairy! I remember the excitement when my brothers got older and more cynical and I finally got to be Father Christmas!  My children have all been through it too…

3. Playing bingo with my grandfather as the caller. He had all the lingo!

4. Sitting on my parents’ bed to open stockings.

5. Our children sitting on our bed to open their stockings. They are now 19, 17 and 15… They still do it but are now still half asleep!

6. That feeling of butterfly excitement when trying to get to sleep and the wave of delight on Christmas morning.  The only other time I’ve had that feeling is sleeping in my childhood bed the night before my wedding day.

7. Recognising the same excitement on my own children’s faces!

8. Having three boys, my youngest is very used to ‘hand me downs’. One year they were all given packs of ‘character’ pants. My eldest had Postman Pat, the next Fireman Sam and my youngest The Tweenies.  His little face was disappointed because he wanted Fireman Sam but he announced very bravely that it didn’t mind because he’d get his brother’s Fireman Sam’s pants when he was older!

9. Trying to spot the first snowdrop poking through the ground with my father on the way back from Church on Christmas morning.

10. Reading the lesson in Church with a black eye!  I was about 17 and had been to a disco at our local village hall.  I had tripped and hit my head on a step…  I told everyone in church that I had simply banged my head and I’ll never forget the humiliation as my mother announced in a loud voice what had actually happened!  I learned my lesson…

11. Playing Up Jenkins – a brilliant game!  Here’s how you play it: Up Jenkins

12.  My beautiful new Tiny Tears Doll…

Now it’s your turn….

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  1. As a child I remember the long drive to my grandmothers on Boxing Day but then being with my cousins and getting the reliably huge present from Uncle Derrick (the childless uncle who never remembered birthdays, but we never remembered that!).

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