Paige’s Specialist Book

atkinson_montage_wp“It is twelve years since we took over care of our 16month-old grandchild following the tragic death of her mother. Despite our urgent efforts to try to keep alive any memories she might have retained of her mummy, it became increasingly clear that nothing would be retained.”

“I wanted to find some way of providing her with a record or some kind of narrative of her mother’s life and made a collection of photos then contacted friends and family for some memories. I then began the sad business of putting all this together with my own commentary providing some sort of coherence.

The problem was that I had no skills to produce some tangible item that would be a fitting and well-produced memory for my grandchild to keep and, hopefully, treasure.

I was fortunate to come across examples of the work of Sarah Lott and her Memory Books and contacted her. She works with you and refers back to you until she is clear about what you want. I am delighted to have 3 copies of this special Memory Book in exactly the form I wanted and set out beautifully and with a skilful professionalism I could not have hoped to achieve. I am proud to have done this for my grandchild and have a beautiful memento for myself as well.”