Judy’s Specialist Book

As an adopted person aged between 45 and 50 I didn’t have something that many others have, which is a unique memory of their own family. Having found my birth family I feared it would be a painful journey of discovery to identify aspects of my family’s memories.

However, by utilising Sarah’s services to create a memory book for me, using memories from my birth family, it made it a far easier journey of discovery.

The book itself has now made me feel so much more aware of the family I did not grow up with. It has been beautifully illustrated and co-ordinated and is a treasure that I will keep forever.

I wish now that I had met Sarah earlier as I would have liked her to put a book together of memories from my adopted parents but it is too late for them.

Sarah is a delight to liaise with and was so sensitive to the situation. She worked hard and diligently on my project and I would recommend her services to all my friends and colleagues.

It is so important to capture memories, before it’s too late and they are gone forever. A Memory Book is a gift for a lifetime. Thank you Sarah – I will always be grateful for my very special Memory Book.

Judy, Surrey