Happy Christmas from The Memory Book!

Happy Christmas from The Memory Book

The enormous tree at Number Three…

Here is a funny poem about the dangers of buying on the internet… I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Christmas from The Memory Book. Why not make 2012 the year when you save those family memories and celebrate your life…

The Perils of Buying on the Internet

Mr Jones from Number Three

Bought an enormous Christmas tree

To decorate and make glittery,

With stars and lights for all to see.

He bought it on the internet,

‘Free delivery’ they said.

He waited quite expectantly

And even quite excitedly.

But Mr Jones had made a mistake,

And now of course it was too late!

The lorry was coming up the road

With a bizarrely heavy load.

Trouble was, this enormous tree

Was much too big for Number Three.

His garden was small and rather twee,

As was the house and drive, you see.

He now feared his wife’s animosity…

His mouse control was very poor –

This tree would not fit through the door!

His finger must have hit the wrong key…

But he looked at the tree optimistically

As it towered above house Number Three.

An idea came to him suddenly

And he rushed to his computer excitedly.

He made his orders fastidiously

And used his mouse quite delicately

To order in industrial quantity

Much sparkly shiny finery.

He worked for hours quite determinedly

And was ready and finished eventually.

He even hired a celebrity

To come and switch on the electricity.

The enormous tree at Number Three

Was the finest in the vicinity!

It increased his popularity

And money was raised for charity

But he did vow unreservedly,

Next year the tree from Number Three

Would be chosen by him personally

At a garden centre locally.


Copyright: Sarah Lott




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