Keeping Your Memories Safe…

Does anyone in your family have a story to tell? I can help you preserve those precious stories before they are lost.

My service is bespoke, personal and friendly and I offer lots of ways that you can celebrate memories and keep them safe. You could choose a one to one reminiscence session, a Memory Box Time Travel Session or enjoy a series of relaxed interviews that lead to a  professionally written, beautifully designed book, which perfectly reflects your personality, or the personality of your loved one.

Your Life Story Book  is sure to become a priceless legacy for your family. It will be full of priceless photos and memories and will always will take pride of place. We guarantee that it will never be left to gather dust on a shelf!

Is a family member in the early stages of dementia, moving into residential care or suffering from a life limiting illness?

Our Specialist Books are created in a very caring and sensitive way. The process is enjoyable and provides a positive focus at a difficult time. Your book will become priceless to loved ones, an invaluable resource for carers, and the perfect tool for shared reminiscence.

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